Hello ;-)

I'm Jacob Lauemøller and I build software. For the web, for me, for fun, for money. For you?

I will help you build great web applications that are easy to pick up and hard to put down.

As a seasoned developer with strong agile development skills and solid experience in creating modern web applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby on Rails, I know what it takes to get your project across the finish line. On time and on budget.

Working on projects ranging in size from just a single developer to more than a hundred have taught me how to lead and succeed with agile development teams — I can be the one-man army you need or fit right into your existing team.

I'm based near Copenhagen, Denmark, but take remote assignments from around the globe.

Jacob Lauemøller

If you ask me...

... the interface is the application: A great backend built for performance and rock solid day-to-day operation; an application that doesn't cost a fortune to maintain or expand; standards compliance. Those are all good things. But they only mean something if users come back for more.

Nearly 20 years of experience in developing applications for the desktop and the web has taught me an important lesson: it's all about good interaction design and a user interface that goes the extra mile to help users achieve their primary goal (which embarrassingly often isn't using your application). Fail at that, and nobody will care just how fabulous your setup behind the scenes really is.

Creating applications with great user interfaces and solid backends is anything but easy. It requires an open minded approach to development and planning, and the courage to admit when favorite features have to change. Some of them won't make it past their initial encounter with real users. And some, that nobody thought of when the application was just a whiteboard dream, will suddenly be the ones you can't live without.

We need processes and tools that are agile enough to facilitate, even encourage, change throughout the project. Not chaotic, uncontrolled, panic-driven change. But carefully thought out course corrections at well defined moments. That's why I promote and use agile development methods like Scrum and fantastic tools such as Ember.js and Ruby on Rails.